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Questions When Considering the Sale of Your Business

Why sell?
Is your industry consolidating? Does your Company need capital to grow? Are there more attractive business opportunities to pursue? Are you considering retirement? Or, do you simply want to enrich your shareholders and yourself?

Is This The Time To Sell?
Is your Company profitable and growing? What assurance is there that the next 36 months will be as robust as the last 36 months? Is the peak of your business cycle coming . . . or has it passed?

Who Would Be Interested In Buying Your Company?
Would you sell the Company to a competitor? Can it be sold to your management team? Or, are you seeking a broader base of interested buyers?

What Happens To Current Management After The Sale? 
Does management remain after the transition? Are you and other management interested in staying on full-time, or part-time as consultants?

How Do You Keep Your Competition From Knowing Your Company Is For Sale? 
And how do you keep your customers from knowing you are selling? What do you tell your employees... if anything?

What Is Your Company Worth?
What is it worth to a financial buyer? What is it worth to a strategic buyer?

How Do You Maximize The Value Of The Transaction? 
Do you set an "asking price" for the business? Or, is there a better way?

What Would Be The Terms Of Sale? 
Would you prefer the transaction be all cash, all stock, or a mixture of the two? Would you finance the buyer (all or partially)?

How Are The Sale Proceeds Handled? What About Taxes?
How much can be sheltered from taxes? Are there tax-free alternatives?

What Type Of Adviser Should Be Hired To Manage Your Company's Sale?
Should you use the accountant who handles your books, or the attorney who helps with your legal matters? Should you manage the sale yourself? What are the benefits of having a professional intermediary identify buyers and work on your side of the negotiating table?<return to top>