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Raise Private Capital

For early stage or mature companies, lack of capital can be a roadblock to success. Emory & Co. helps companies raise private investment capital in the amount of $5 million and greater.

Whatever your next opportunity: internal expansion, development or commercialization of a new product line, an acquisition, or a shareholder liquidity or buy back event, we can help you secure financing on the most favorable terms and conditions. The market for private debt and equity capital is fragmented and constantly changing. Knowledge of where private equity is being invested, who is doing the investing and what strategic elements a funding source can bring to the table is paramount. Without this knowledge, there is a good chance that the right story will not be told to the right party and a relationship will not follow.

As your advocate, we prepare an Information Memorandum detailing your business, industry and the intended use of the capital raised. We distribute the Memo to our list of pre-qualified investors, coordinate their diligence, and conduct a 'private auction' to obtain the best terms and conditions. We manage this process entirely so you can continue to run your business.

Emory's proven 'private auction' techniques are effective. Competitive offers, coupled with experienced negotiating, have saved our clients millions of dollars over the years.

Please contact us confidentially to discuss the specifics of your opportunity.